Zoono is a totally unique antimicrobial product.It should not be compared to other antimicrobial products for 10 key reasons:

1. Zoono does not kill bacteria by poisoning:

This means that there is no possibility of bacteria building up any immunity (no super-bugs).

2. Zoono is colourless and odourless:

This means that there are no unpleasant odors, no stains and can is safe to use on all types of furniture and surfaces.

3. Zoono kills mechanically – NOT by poisoning / gassing:

This means that when the Zoono technology is applied (and allowed to dry) it leaves a thin bonded film that resembles millions of sword shaped road spikes – spikes that attract and kill bacteria. Because Zoono technology does not change during this process, one single application can last for a month or more (depending on the surface, usage and the application).

4. Zoono lasts longer than chemical products:

Chemicals are only effective until such time that the surface is contaminated again. This can occuralmost immediately – even something as innocent as a hand touching a surface or a handshakecan re-contaminate the area with bacteria. Do you know how long your current sanitiser lasts?

5. Zoono is safe to use:

Zoono technology has FDA recognition, EPA, TGA and ERMA registrations plus NZFSA Approvals and as such is safe to humans and animals alike. It has a similar “toxicity” rating to Vitamin C. No need for hazmat suits and gas masks when applying Zoono.

6. Zoono is environmentally friendly:

Zoono technology is made from raw organic compounds. There is no harm to drains / waterways if Zoono enters the system.

7. Zoono does not leach:

Because there is no leaching (once dried, there is no transfer from surface to surface), Zoono technology is not only food safe but safe for use within the critical hygiene areas within child care,aged care centers, medical facilities and hospitals.

8. Zoono has been extensively tested / accredited:

These tests have been conducted at several Universities and accredited Laboratories within USA, Australia and New Zealand. As such, all claims / test results are certified, verified and documented.

9. Does it take Zoono Z-71 long to form on the surface:

Zoono takes 30 minutes to settle once our fogging service is complete leaving the premise ready to re enter.

10. Zoono has a proven track record against bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses:

A complete list of tested products is available. Please email for more information